Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top 10 Nanny Safety Tips!

Top 10 Nanny Safety Tips

1) Know your nanny – conduct a thorough background check and acquire a copy of her or his current driving record.

2) Make sure your nanny is CPR/First Aid certified.

3) Create a House Book – keep a binder in your home with important safety information, such as any pertinent emergency phone numbers, hospital and pediatrician addresses, copies of your children’s medical cards, a consent release for your nanny to make decisions in an emergency, etc.

4) Provide your nanny with a cell phone.

5) If your child has allergies, make sure your nanny is well-aware.

6) Be sure your nanny knows your family’s emergency plan.

7) Your nanny should always carry your child’s medical card, pediatrician’s address, and the address of the nearest hospital.

8) First Aid Kits – one for the home, one for your nanny’s car, and a travel-size kit for the stroller.

9) Provide a neighborhood map to be kept in your child’s stroller.

10) Positive communication is key! You don’t want your nanny to be afraid you when an emergency arises.


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