Monday, February 18, 2008

Safety is ALWAYS First!

Whether you are a parent or a nanny, all caregivers should be aware of ways to teach kids to stay safe! Pattie Fitzgerald from Safely Ever After, Inc. is a certified Child Predator Safety Educator and is also certified by the National Security Alliance/Kid-Safe Network. Her articles have been published in numerous parenting magazines, trade journals and websites. Check out for more important safety tips!

She will also be teaching "An Ounce of Prevention" at Nurture and Nanny Agency in Los Angeles on March 27th at 6:30pm. Call 310-270-6177 to Sign up Now! This 90 minute class is designed to empower parents and caregivers and take the fear out of child safety.

Here are 10 Family Safety Rules! that nannies and parents should use when teaching kids about staying safe! Courtesy of Safely Ever After, Inc.

1. I AM SPECIAL & I have the right to be SAFE!
2. I know my NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER and my parents' names too!
3. I never go ANYWHERE or take anything from someone I don't know.
4. I always CHECK FIRST to get permission before I go anywhere or get into a car, even if it's with someone I know!
5. My bathing suit areas are PRIVATE!
6. I don't always have to be POLITE!
7. I can YELL "NO!" and tell a safe grown-up when something just doesn't feel right.
8. I don't keep SECRETS!
9. I know what to do if I ever get LOST.
10. I always PAY ATTENTION TO MY OWN INNER VOICE, especially that "uh-oh" feeling.

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